BUTZI has established a new production strategy; this strategy moves away from the model presented in the 2016 collection which are of Italian manufacture.

This is because the SUMEX Group came to a collaboration agreement, for its wheel brand BUTZI, with two of the most important aluminium wheel factories in Italy, which is sign of the excellent quality and control of the production process.

When asked about the decision of the group SUMEX to open its doors to new collaborations, the BUTZI Project Manager said:

“After numerous visits made by BUTZI representatives to various factories, analysing the production and design processes and the commitment to associates, we found what we consider to be the best partners for our purpose.” – BUTZI Project Manager

The constant monitoring on the part of the team throughout the different production phases, left them convinced, at the time the decision was made, that this was a complete success, he adds. Also, he continues, they took into account the time-place factor, because Italian manufacture implies close transport of the products to the logistical warehouses, which shortens the deadlines of stock availability. With this, BUTZI can accept orders with tight deadlines, “customized” to the needs of its clients. This agreement involves an investment on the part of BUTZI in the different sized moulds for making exclusive designs only produced and sold by BUTZI.


An Italian manufacture guarantees the acquisition of four homologation licences recognised at European level, which are:

  • KBA; German licence certifying the quality of the management and the verification of the production system used.
  • TUV: This licence confirms that the production obtained follows the correct fabrication and security rules.
  • NAD: Italian licence which verifies the quality of the products
  • ECE R124; Technical licence for wheels, a more thorough European homologation in terms of wheels security and a homologation which is placed at the highest level compared to the national rules of each country.

The Italian manufacture allows BUTZI to control the production every step of the required process for the procurement of an integrated and stocked production in relation to the necessary supplies and raw materials. This is a great improvement for communication in relation to the established distance, and one which allows the company to visit the manufacturing sites to get to know them and in this way observe the precise moment when the products are manufactured as well as giving them the opportunity to regulate the quality rules  to which they are subject.

With this new cooperation, BUTZI hopes to create an effective exportation to these European countries that require a homologated licence.